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Corporate Events

Swirl Design

Set your company apart with a Hobby Prodigy Corporate Event! Our maker space is the perfect venue for your next Team Building or Holiday Party. You can also opt for us to travel to your next company retreat, fundraiser, or training day. With a full range of products designed specifically for team growth and partnership, we're sure to help your team create bonds, memories, and new ideas that will fuel your company throughout the year. For a free consultation, contact us at 

We Have The Most Unique Experience for Any Occasion:

  • Recruiting Events
  • Networking Mixer
  • Holiday Party
  • Fundraiser
  • Other Special Event

Benefits of Corporate D.I.Y.:

  • Customizable to fit any business
  • Builds Leadership Skills, Develops Problem Solving Skills
  • Improves Communication, Inspires Collaboration
  • Builds Trust, Boosts Morale
  • Cultivates Respect
  • Unique & Fun

What You Need to Know about Our Corporate events

  • A pedagogue (professional craft assistant(s)) will be there to hand out materials and instruction tutorials to guests. Note: Extra charges may apply for an additional pedagogue when booking larger groups.
  • Click here for a printable version of our liability form.
  • Catering your event? Ask us for recommendations.
  • 15% gratuity is automatically added for all events.

**Custom design for your crafts may include an additional Designer Fee.**

Team Building

Company culture is a key factor in reducing turnover, burn out, and employee stress. With the job market favoring job seekers, now is the perfect time to show prospective employees and current employees that your company is committed to building a strong and connected work culture. Our meticulously crafted Team Building Packages were designed to engage your employees and provide measurable results. Using a network of professionals and some well placed crafting, our team can help pinpoint areas of improvement for your team and provide realistic options for improvement all while putting a smile on your employees' faces. Bring your team in for food, fun, and crafting, and leave with gorgeous custom crafts, memories, and a game plan to ensure that your team continues to grow.

  • Company Pre-Screening
  • Customized Measurements & Craft Designs
  • Organized Event Itinerary
  • Customized workshops and presenters
  • Professional Debrief for each employee
  • Spacious Craft Studio Venue or Travel
  • Professional Craft Assistants
  • Follow Up Meeting with detailed overview
  • Identify Limitations
  • Identify Strengths
  • Create unity
  • Build Relationships
  • Have a Healthier Work Environment

What You Need to Know about Our Team Building

  • You get assigned a Hobby Prodigy liaison that will personally set up your event and gather every detail with ease.
  • One to two pedagogues (professional craft assistants) will be present to assist attendants with crafts. Note: Extra charges may apply for an additional pedagogue if booking a large group.
  • Hobby Prodigy is adventurous! We can travel to your location. Travel Fees Apply.
  • Prices vary according to each event. Ask your Hobby Prodigy liaison for more detail.
  • Hobby Prodigy is also available for business events during daytime hours. Ask us about our availability.
  • 15% gratuity is automatically added for all corporate events.