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Swirl Design

At Hobby Prodigy we celebrate individuality!
Each customer can craft something different at the same time! Simply shop our Craft Menu & Design Library. You can now pick the stencil design from our collection and we will prep the materials and have them waiting for you at your scheduled reservation time.
Use this menu as a guide to make your reservation for you and your guest(s) (See Host Policy).
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Vinyl Art, String Art, & Glitter Art are great ways to create your own one-of-a-kind wood sign! Using a stencil and craft materials your options are endless!

1.Choose Your Art: Vinyl Art, String Art, or Glitter Art,
2.Pick the wood size (art materials included in price),
3.Choose a stencil design (See Design Library),
4. Select craft options in your Reservation.

Reservations Are Required for Custom Vinyl Art
Our designer converts your custom order; our team preps the materials and has them waiting for you at your scheduled reservation time.
See our 72 hour Policy

Below are a few Prodigy craft masterpieces that have been completed in our DIY Craft Studio.
**Click on the photos for more details.**


Swirl Design

Welcome to the HP Design Library! Created to make your craft choices easier.
This gallery is a selection of stencil designs intended for use with crafts that include vinyl art options.
How to Make a Craft Reservation:
– Go to the reservation page
– Choose the size of your craft
– Choose a design category
– Choose a design code.
Example: Design Category = Monogram      Design Code = 007
Please keep in mind that some designs will only fit on specific craft dimensions.

You can also send us your own images for design inspiration and our designer
will convert your ideas into a usable craft stencil.

See Craft Menu for craft dimension details.


Applying additional elements, like frames, knobs, or pulls to your craft can really make things more interesting!

Font Menu

We’ve created this font menu to help give you options when it comes to making your craft truly unique. The collection below is made up of some of the most popular and trending styles, and the ones we use most often.