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Hobby Prodigy was created to bring out the creative genius in all of us. Our desire is to help others channel their inner prodigy through crafting—our favorite hobby.

Hobby Prodigy provides materials, tools, and step-by-step instructions guests need to create their own brilliant DIY crafts in Pittsburgh, PA, at exclusive  venues—or corporations in the Pittsburgh area.

Hobby Prodigy craft socials are more than a night of fun—they’re hands-on activities where guests connect and overcome any fears about arts and crafts, then leave feeling they have truly accomplished something extraordinary. What are you waiting for? Empower your inner genius. Get creative and inspire others to do the same. Start crafting your own inspirations that others will want to copy. You’ll surprise yourself.

Our Prodigies

It has been said that being creative is not a hobby, but a way of life. Our prodigy’s passions are people and crafting. Our pedagogues are passionate about helping others and provide extraordinary service to Hobby Prodigy guests.

Hobby Prodigy Group Photo

Glitter Being Added to Painting

Our Creative Guru

Jennifer Miller is the creative brain behind Hobby Prodigy. She is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in marketing. Growing up, crafting was her favorite activity to do with her mother from whom her creative genius comes.

Her passions are God, family, crafting, sharing life with friends, and serving others. Crafts are her favorite hobby because she loves channeling her inner creative genius. She wanted to share that feeling with others, thus Hobby Prodigy was born! Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of Hobby Prodigy.

The Right Hand

Abby Gasior is Hobby Prodigy's Director of Operations and Jenn's right-hand-lady. As Director of Operations, Abby wears many hats to ensure that Hobby Prodigy continues to grow and excel. Hobby Prodigy became her home when she started as a Pedagogue in college, and her love for the company allowed her to take on this position in late 2018 despite moving to another state with her husband. Abby loves working with Hobby Prodigy and the creative team, and has found a forever home in this studio.

When she isn't busy creating new crafts, designing stencils, or planning non-profit events, Abby enjoys spending time with her husband and two pets. She also enjoys reading, drinking lattes, shopping online, and attending church with her husband.

Jennifer Miller

Contact us today to find out how you can channel your inner creative genius through DIY crafts with us. We proudly serve customers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas.