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Creativation 2019 Take-Aways: How to Crochet

Hey Prodigy Friends,

This is Abby, Director of Operations for Hobby Prodigy, and I have some great stuff to share with you today!

In the middle of January, Jenn and I hopped on a plane to Phoenix, AZ to spend the weekend at the largest crafting show in America. Needless to say, we were in heaven. At the show we found a bunch of new product to share with our customers (no spoilers #sorrynotsorry!), but not every product we found can work for Hobby Prodigy.

My favorite new hobby that grew out of this trip was crocheting, and I have been #hooked (sorry, bad pun) ever since. For the last two and a half weeks, I have been slowly teaching myself how to crochet and seeking out the best possible tutorials on the internet. I have also found some great resources for free crochet patterns- namely amigurumi patterns, so keep reading and find out for yourself how much fun this craft can be!

This is my crochet basket. I am currently working on a second take of the Fredic the Fox pattern by

What is Amigurumi? 

Amigurumi is the craft of making little crochet or knit animals and creatures! It started in Japan, and it has made huge headway over the years. Most Amigurumi patterns start with ball-like forms which then have heads, arms, legs, tails, etc. sewn on, and while they look difficult and intricate, I can now tell you with full confidence that making these adorable stuffed animals is easy if you have a little patience!

Where do I start?

This is the second Nora I made using the Hooked Kit. My second attempt turned out a LOT better than the first!

The first step to learning to crochet is getting supplies. I started my crochet journey with a kit from HookedWe met the Hooked team on our second day at the show, and we picked up some samples of their incredible 100% recycled yarns, a sustainable bamboo crochet hook, and our first amigurumi kit: a unicorn pattern called Nora. (NOTE: The Nora kit is not yet available on Hooked’s website, but the pattern is linked. The website tells you exactly which yarns and needle to pick up from their a la cart yarns.) I fell in love with the full line of Hooked products instantly, and as a green company, Hobby Prodigy loves that Hooked is committed to using recycled and sustainable materials to ensure that crafters can enjoy quality materials for generations to come.

The nice thing about the amigurumi kits from Hooked is that they contain all of the yarn you need to complete the pattern plus the correct size crochet hook and the pattern. This makes them ideal for first timers, and it minimizes the supplies you will need to purchase to get started. You will still need to pick up fiber fill to stuff your creation, and I recommend picking up a yarn needle. Both of these can be purchased at any craft store or Walmart for just a few dollars.

For a full list of the animal kits offered by Hooked, check HERE.

How do I…yah know…do it? 

My second attempt at Nora is on the left. You can see that my piece is much larger because I used a different yarn tension, and my proportions are much better. #PracticeMakesPerfect

So in the interest of full disclosure, I did have a crochet kit when I was a kid. Also in the interest of full disclosure, I never knew how to do it correctly and could only make really poor square pot holders. I started at square one for my projects, and I used a lot of YouTube videos to learn. Here is a compilation of the basics you will need to learn:


How to Hold Your Yarn and Needle: I found this tutorial very helpful for getting started. Since then, I have developed by own method because I like to hold my needle like a pen rather than a knife. Once you’ve learned the basics, feel free to change it to do whatever is most comfortable for you.

How to Make a Chain: This is a bit long, but it is worth it. This will show you how to make a slip knot and start a chain.

How to Make a Single Crochet: I chose this tutorial because it teaches you how to Single Crochet

in the round. This is important for amigurumi and is just slightly different from single crochet for chains. You can also check out this slow motion tutorial.

This was my first attempt at Amigurumi using the Nora kit by Hooked. The legs were a bunch of different sizes and it was lopsided!


Magic Ring: This is an amigurumi technique to start a round crochet without a hole in the middle.

How to Switch Colors: This will allow to you to create stripes and other effects without needed to sew two pieces together.

These tutorials should help to get you started, so be patient and practice! My first piece was only 7 inches tall but took me over 10 hours to complete.

I highly recommend checking out for patterns and tutorials to start your Amigurumi journey. I got my Freric the Fox pattern from this website and learned a lot of great skills from the embedded tutorials.

My completed Fredic the Fox. I sent him off to a friend for her baby shower, and I gave him a little blue bow tie #handsome #fancyfox

Fredic the Fox halfway done featuring my fox mug!



Good luck, Prodigy Friend! If you complete a crochet project that was inspired by this post, share it with us by tagging @hobbyprodigy on IG and using the hashtag #HPLearnsNewSkills