Pet Collar

This paracord dog collar is your best bet if you are looking for a stylish collar that is also super strong and durable. Beyond its awesome looks and customizability, a paracord collar is waterproof and resistant to rot. Plus, if your pet outgrows it's collar, you can recycle thage e cord and turn it into a survival bracelet!
Size Pricing: Sm $25 | Med $28 | Lg $30
Average Time: 2 hours
Challenge Level: Hard

Cat Scratcher

Scratching cleans and sharpens claws and is something a cat will do regardless of the sanctity of the surfaces in your home If you want to provide a lure away from the furniture having a scratching post is essential. You can make your own here that fits the decor of your home!
Art Includes Vinyl
Average Time: 2-2.5 hours
Challenge Level: Moderate